‘Everything exists in a delicate balance, All is required for nature’s way’

RAY’s lighting solutions are designed to produce light that aligns with the sun’s natural rays and releases our body’s Circadian rhythm from its current slavery to artificial light sources using BlueBalance Technology. Ultimately these are beautifully designed LED light bulbs and fittings. However, there is significantly more than meets the eye going on with each SunRAY product. The combination of developments achieves the closest existing light to the sun’s visible full spectrum and a world first for LED lighting – all beautifully contained in standard fit engines and light bulbs, including the GU10.

Circadian friendly, BlueBalance source

Every luminant in the SunRAY range is carefully engineered to ensure that the concentration of blue light never peaks to the dangerous levels that scientists are now warning about. In fact, the specially designed COBs (chips on board) eliminate the health concerns and neuro-stimuli issues that all other LEDs carry with them, achieving positive natural levels of blue in organic balance with sunlight.

Full Spectrum phosphor overlay

As with all LEDs, the original light source is overlaid with phosphor to adjust the final colour that our eye perceives. However, for the SunRAY ranges, the overlay is a unique Full Spectrum combination phosphor, rendering red and oranges more clearly, whites more cleanly and achieving a colour rendering index rating of 97 (sunlight is 100).

Zero flicker

Another health concern with LED lights is the hitherto unavoidable flicker. Many LED bulbs flicker as much as 100%, while the market leader is deemed to be around 40%. This is generally imperceptible to the human eye, but because the brain still processes it via the eye’s photoreceptors, it is associated with many health and wellbeing concerns, from ADHD and epilepsy to anxiety and insomnia. RAY’s Flicker Free Bridging Technology smooths the current flow, reducing flicker to zero in virtually every product in the ranges. This has even been micro-engineered to work within the GU10, which tests at between just 1 and 8% flicker.

Super-engineered lens

SunRAY’s high-tech lens does not degrade the light at all because it is dispersed from the bulb. Its Central Beam Candella Point (CBCP) sends light exactly where it needs to be, offering excellent beam control and making it possible to use the lens plate to concentrate the light into multiple beam angles – ideal for anything from a focused beam to a wider light wash

Special-grade thermo-conductive casing

Each lightbulb/lamp is beautifully machined for a sleek finish and specifically engineered to heat sync using a unique Splayed Conduction System; radiating the heat away from the COB. The unique design means all RAY products meet world regulations as well as looking superb.

Colour Rendering Index

This new approach to lighting your home not only offers health and wellbeing benefits but actually improves the visual quality of the light itself. The SunRAY range achieves a CRI rating of 97% and a Tm30 of 96 – that means everything you see is in beautiful Full Spectrum technicolour. Whites are sharper, contrasts are clearer, skin tones are ideal and colour transitions are better balanced.