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Resolutions for Wellbeing

The start of a New Year can be a really exciting time. You may feel re-energised or refreshed for a ‘new start’, particularly if you had a chance to rest over the festive period  (many lines of work allow for staff to have at least a few days off for Christmas and New Year). Even if you worked at Christmas or New Year, you may still feel positive about the ‘unknown’ of a new calendar year- and after the tough two years we’ve all had with the pandemic, positivity is something that we can all agree we need! 

One thing is for sure though- year on year, companies encouraging diet culture seem to really target their audiences for the ‘guilt’ of over-indulging around Christmas time. We see a huge increase in targeted ads for workout plans, low calorie recipes or liquid meals around January time. However, New Year’s resolutions or goals shouldn’t necessarily be about how we look or changing our eating habits- they could be more about improving our wellbeing, mental health and how we feel. If sleeping better, reducing headaches or improving eye health are resolutions that you would like to make in 2022, then we may be able to help…

Looking to improve gut health and sleep:

We live in a world and a time where we spend the majority of our time indoors (particularly in most working professions), therefore under artificial light and often in front of computers. Even if you work in an outdoor role, you are likely to watch TV in the evenings, or look at a smartphone. Artificial light (yes, that includes TV and phone screens) has what we call a blue ‘spike’ in the colour spectrum, compared to natural sunlight. This spike can impact your circadian rhythm (your natural waking and sleeping pattern alongside sunlight), which in turn can affect how easily you fall asleep, as well as negatively impacting the micro bacteria in your gut. However this is where RAY Lighting can help- RAY Lighting products do not have this blue ‘spike’, as our spectrum is much closer to natural sunlight, and therefore can encourage a more natural circadian rhythm response in the body.

Looking to reduce headaches or poor eye health:

We can’t see it with the naked eye, but most LED (artificial) lights are constantly flickering- you can test this by holding your phone camera up to any indoor light. Although we don’t witness this flickering at a speed that we can see, our mind’s are still processing it, and that can lead to headaches and migraines. Evidence is equally growing that over exposure to artificial light can cause issues with eye health, with a pandemic of myopia becoming a concern. RAY Lighting, however, is Flicker Free- so there is no processing of flickering light for the brain, which is much healthier for our mind and eyes!

The physiological effects of RAY Lighting can help with the above wellbeing related resolutions for the coming year, but RAY Lighting is also about how the light can literally make you feel different. You know the feeling when you lie under the blazing sun by the beach on that first day of holiday? That natural sunlight feeling is what RAY Lighting can bring to your home, as the closest artificial light to sunlight. So if you are looking for goals in 2022 to improve your wellbeing, rather than the latest diet fad, then RAY Lighting could help.
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