Reduced Ripple Driver 180 OT FIT 7/220-240/180 CS PC


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• Cable clamp housing for independent mounting
• Dimmable on the leading edge and trailing edge
• Housing for independent installation

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Nature's Blue Light
the sleep better bulb
Eye Kind
kind to eyes & mind
Fully Dimmable
get in the perfect mood
Circadian Friendly
natural healthy light

Product family benefits

• Compatible with the most common leading-edge and trailing-edge phase dimmers
• Flexible current setting (DIPswitch – 2 to 4 currents)
• Flicker-free dimming
• Higher quality of light thanks to < 5% output ripple current

Areas of application

• Decorative illumination
• Downlights, flat luminaires
• Hospitality
• Living areas
• Museums, residential buildings
• Offices
• Shop lighting

Suitable for indoor SELV installations
Suitable for luminaires of protection class I and II