RAY Roma


IP54 Rated Portable and Wireless Charging Table Lamp recommended for work/reading/socialising outdoors.

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Nature's Blue Light
the sleep better bulb
Flicker Free
kind to eyes & mind
Fully Dimmable
get in the perfect mood
Circadian Friendly
natural healthy light


Residential: All, Portable

Architectural: All, Portable

Commercial: All, Portable


• Lightweight and easily transportable
• Touch sensitive
• Full dimmable
• Wireless charging
• Full colour spectrum
• Nature’s blue light source
• Recommended for work/reading/socialising outdoors


CRI / 97 CRI
Colour Temp / 2700K
Power / 2.2w
Wireless Charging / QI
Battery / Long Life Premium Battery
Service Time / 10 hours (full power)
Service Time / 20 hours (50% power)
Battery Capacity / 5,000 mAH
Charging Dock / USB type C (included)
Charging Time / 3 Hours Fast Charging
IP Rating / IP54
Warranty / 3 year warranty / 25,000 hrs