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The RAY GLS B22 lightbulb is ideal for use in desk lamps, chandeliers and wall lamps where you would see the LED filament. The opaque white coating diffuses the outgoing light perfectly whereas a the clear one would not.

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Nature's Blue Light
the sleep better bulb
Eye Kind
kind to eyes & mind
Fully Dimmable
get in the perfect mood
Circadian Friendly
natural healthy light


Residential: General areas, bedrooms, lounge areas, dining rooms, gardens, facades

Architectural: Hotel bedrooms, restaurants, bars, galleries, cafés, lobbies

Commercial: Atriums, reception areas, features


• BlueBalance light source
• Full spectrum colour rendering phosphor
• Circadian friendly, humancentric output
• Flicker Free Bridging Technology


Luminous Flux / 650 lumens
Power / 7W
Voltage / 220V-240V @ 50/60Hz
Lamp Type / A60
Base / B22 Bayonet
Colour Temp / 2700K CCT
CRI / 93
Warranty / 3 year warranty / 25,000 hrs