IP20 10W RAY Pro light engine featuring full spectrum BlueBalance chip technology.

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Compatible Driver (Required) & Accessories

  • Reduced Ripple Driver 450 OT FIT 18/220-240/450 CS PC


    • Cable clamp housing for independent mounting
    • Dimmable on the leading edge and trailing edge
    • Housing for independent installation

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  • RAY Engine Fire Ring


    Prevents fire from penetrating the ceiling void. Engineered for compatibility with RAY Engines, ensuring fire protection reinstatement for ceilings lasting up to 60 minutes.

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  • This fitting requires a driver. The correct number of drivers are automatically added to your cart when ordering
Nature's Blue Light
the sleep better bulb
Eye Kind
kind to eyes & mind
Fully Dimmable
get in the perfect mood
Circadian Friendly
natural healthy light


Residential: All areas

Architectural: All areas

Commercial: Atriums, cafeterias, art displays


• BlueBalance light source
• Circadian friendly, humancentric output
• Flicker Free technology
• unique Splayed Convection System
• Full Spectrum phosphor overlay
• Range of beam angle options


CRI / 97+ CRI
Colour Temp / 2700K, 3000K, 3500K CCT
Rated Power / 10W
Power / 36v DC 10w
Voltage(V) / DC36V
Input Current (mA hrs) / 325mA
Lumens / 896 lumens
Control Detail / Dim to 1%, Mains, Dali, 1-10v driver options
Lifetime(hrs) / 40,000
Warranty / 5 year warranty


Spectral comparison