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Human-Centric Lighting VS Circadian Friendly Healthy Light

Mainstream human-centric lighting is based around changing colour temperatures throughout the day in an effort to persuade the body’s Circadian rhythm while indoors that it is experiencing natural sunlight. Unfortunately mainstream human-centric lighting currently uses conventional LED, which is built around blue chip at its source. This means they contain a significant spike of excess high frequency blue, in proportions that would never occur in natural sunlight.

Typical colour changing lighting with ordinary LED may well change the atmosphere and colour of a workspace, but it does not correct the intensity of blue light in the non-visible spectrum. This is a critical aspect of creating healthy light. Intelligent use of cutting edge full spectrum technologies that answer the latest scientific studies will deliver the vital difference for wellbeing lighting.

Human-centric lighting in the workplace: It’s not just about colour temperature

What’s so bad about blue?

You may have heard that blue light is not good for us. It triggers a ‘good morning’ response in our brain whereby we release higher levels of cortisol, meaning we can never truly switch off. But very few of us realise that it’s the baseline in almost every light we use.

Our Circadian rhythm (the natural internal system that regulates our sleep-wake cycle over a 24 hour period) is heavily impacted by exposure to the blue spike in artificial light which overstimulates the body’s biological systems. Although we don’t consciously ‘see’ the blue, our bodies still respond – overproducing cortisol, reducing REM sleep, adjusting gut microbia and changing regeneration processes.

It’s not just phones and computer or television screens – LED light has also traditionally used blue light as its source (with a phosphor coating to create the impression of a warm or white light). This means that even reading your paperback under a warm yellow bedside light can negatively alter your Circadian rhythm.

BlueBalance Technology and your circadian rhythm

Nothing beats getting out into natural light. Now with BlueBalance Technology by RAY Lighting, which combines medical understanding of human systems and the latest technologies to achieve Flicker Free, BlueBalanced, Circadian friendly lighting that dramatically improves our visual, biological and emotional response to light in our indoor environments, we can bring natural light equivalents indoors.

This approach to lighting is revolutionary, and when applied to a working environment can have a dramatically positive effect on our brain, and our wellbeing.

This is achieved by removing the harmful blue spikes in the melanopic range and producing full spectrum light indoors, similar to that which we enjoy from the suns rays.

So, if you have a tendency to feel malaise, agitated, or ‘always on’ – consider switching your office light source to a human-centric light solution, naturally balancing blue light and eliminating flicker. This technology combined with shifting colour temperatures to mimic the dawn til dusk effect is really the only scientifically natural solution to conduct accurate human centric lighting.

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