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RAY Lighting, Unit 15, Rockhaven, Metz Way, Gloucester, GL1 1AJ, UNITED KINGDOM

How does RAY achieve healthier light?

Light influences our environments in three key ways: visually, biologically and emotionally. RAY lighting solutions significantly improve all three aspects, making them the pinnacle of humancentric lighting achievements to date. SunRAY lightbulbs achieve healthier light primarily in three key ways.

1. For the SunRAY range, the internal chip or light source within the lightbulb harnesses new technologies that avoid the dangerous blue spikes that occur from standard LED lamps, bringing levels of blue in better balance with those naturally occurring in nature. This delivers instant benefits for our Circadian sleep/wake rhythms and associated sleep, moods and physical responses, since we are no longer overstimulating the brain.

2. The phosphor overlay is not a simple white or yellow, but instead a uniquely blended Full Spectrum layer which enables us to align with the day’s natural light patterns. In the past, blue source LEDs have over-ridden our natural instincts with their intense high frequency light; manipulating our systems into reactions beyond our control. The unique combination of the adjusted source and the special formula overlay is now known as BlueBalance Technology.

3. A huge reduction in flicker. All bulbs flicker – LEDs generally flicker at 100%. It’s so fast that it’s virtually imperceptible to our eyes, but our brain processes it and generates stress hormones in response. RAY’s uniquely engineered lamps use Flicker Free Bridging Technology to achieve a flicker percentage rating as low as zero.

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