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Commercial – SunRAY for Schools

RAY Enhances Education

The RAY lighting revolution for schools is a comprehensive circadian friendly solution to enhance the wellbeing of students and staff alike. It’s beautifully balanced spectrum is as close as it gets to sunlight.

It results in notable improvements in concentration, reducing hyperactive responses to indoor environments, optimising performance or visual arts spaces and offering a much gentler experience for a wide range of SEN students.

Commercial – SunRAY for Schools

How does RAY achieve this?

Well in two major ways.

Firstly, RAY LED is Flicker Free. Using our flicker free bridging technology we have eliminated the agitation caused by standard LED light sources – all of which which flicker (on average at 40%, but some up to 80%). Whilst this is invisible to the naked eye, our brains process the flicker which accentuates anxiety and is especially counterproductive in a learning environment.

The speed of those on/off and light/dark patterns is very similar to the rate at which your eyes are scanning the scene. You may think that your gaze is steady, but in fact, your eyes make up to 120 movements, per second in order to stitch together the pieces of a scene or the words on a page. This is fine when the world is lit by a continuous source, like the sun, but if patches of the scene are, in effect, in darkness as the eye reaches them, then the brain is working to complete the puzzle with missing information. This can make simple tasks, such as reading, a highly complex process. “It is this that causes the feelings of malaise and frustration – in children and adults alike,” says Dr James, light and psychology expert.

This is particularly challenging for anyone more sensitive to this type of stimulus, such as students with ADHD or Dyslexia. RAY’s mission is to implement a calming environment for student to enjoy and feel positively engaged for as long as possible.

This is especially important as it balances the over-stimulation effect of standard blue pump LED lighting. It promotes true natural focus. No excess blue light means our brains are not forced to produce cortisol at the wrong times of the day. A truly Circadian friendly, balanced environment. Once again, this even more beneficial for students with SEN.

RAYs Full Spectrum Phosphor light source ensures our light source is the best replica of natural sun light available today, with its high definition colour rendering, environments not only feel positively different but actually look brighter and more vibrant.

Commercial – Films

Empire of Light

Whilst RAY has been utilised within the film industry many times over, the pinnacle for a lighting manufacturer is perhaps to be used in a a film all about cinema, lighting and the history of theatre…

Released in January 2023, The Empire of Light is a drama set in the 1980’s by director and writer, Sam Mendes and features a decorated cast with stars such as Olivia Coleman, Michael Ward, Colin Firth and Toby Norman. The central location throughout the film is the Empire Theatre in Margate, which is now lit with over 150 of our RAY GU10 lightbulbs chosen for their supreme colour accuracy and zero flicker. They make the filming process seamless by reducing the need for heavy colour correction in post, leading to more immersive cinematography.

Like all RAY products, the GU10’s used in this production are fully dimmable down to 1% which gave the filmmakers the upmost control over the environmental lighting for each scene shot within the theatre.

Commercial – Office

World leading Software Company

You may have heard that blue light is not good for us. It triggers a ‘good morning’ response in our brain whereby we release higher levels of cortisol, meaning we can never truly switch off. But very few of us realise that it’s the baseline in almost every light we use. Our Circadian rhythm (the natural internal system that regulates our sleep-wake cycle over a 24 hour period) is heavily impacted by exposure to the blue spike in artificial light which overstimulates the body’s biological systems. Although we don’t consciously ‘see’ the blue, our bodies still respond – overproducing cortisol, reducing REM sleep, adjusting gut microbia and changing regeneration processes.

It’s not just phones and computer or television screens – LED light has also traditionally used blue light as its source (with a phosphor coating to create the impression of a warm or white light). This means that even reading your paperback under a warm yellow bedside light can negatively alter your Circadian rhythm.

Commercial – Office

Technology & your Circadian Rhythm

Nothing beats getting out into natural light. Now with BlueBalance Technology by RAY Lighting, which combines medical understanding of human systems and the latest technologies to achieve Flicker Free, BlueBalanced, Circadian friendly lighting that dramatically improves our visual, biological and emotional response to light in our indoor environments – we can bring natural light equivalents indoors.

This approach to lighting is revolutionary, and when applied to a working environment can have a dramatically positive effect on our brain, and our wellbeing. This is achieved by removing the harmful blue spikes in the melanopic range and producing full-spectrum light indoors, similar to that which we enjoy from the suns rays.

So, if you have a tendency to feel malaise, agitated, or ‘always on’ – consider switching your office light source to a human-centric light solution, naturally balancing blue light and eliminating flicker. This technology combined with shifting colour temperatures to mimic the dawn til dusk effect is really the only scientifically natural solution to conduct accurate human centric lighting

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