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A new RAY of hope for blue light concerns in the home

Parenting expert, Sue Atkins, has been concerned about all aspects of children’s development for many years, but one specific issue has caught her attention recently as technology and scientific discoveries reveal a cascade of concerns: “We are all spending more and more time indoors and on technology.” Exposure to excess screen times and poor quality indoor light is impacting our health and wellbeing – from sleep deficits to anxiety and childhood myopia. This has been particularly key over the past year, with the pandemic.

Sue has teamed up with several experts in their fields to look at the many angles that surround this issue, talking to psychologists, scientists, and sleep specialists.

She explains: “Most people will be aware that too much blue light is bad for you, but it’s not just in our phones or tablets. It’s at the source of 99% of LEDs we currently use too and they are putting our health and wellbeing at risk due to the blue light and flicker.”

Her social media content offers tips and solutions to help manage the many concerns that surround the issue of artificial light exposure and now she states: “So, imagine my delight when I found that RAY has created a dual lighting range that is not only exceptionally beautiful, but also eliminates the health concerns surrounding both excess blue and flicker in LED.

“From ADHD and myopia, to anxiety and insomnia The SunRAY ranges offer a reliable, affordable lighting solution for everyone, so I really do recommend you take a look and protect your whole family with these state-of-the-art lighting solutions.”

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