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Healthy Light for Life

Full spectrum colour, flawless colour rendering, flicker free lighting with no blue spike in the colour spectrum. We’re striving to bring healthy lighting to everyone.
What does RAY do?

Flicker Free LED Lighting

All RAY lights have Flicker Free Bridging Technology which smoothes the current flow, reducing flicker to virtually zero - see it with your phone camera in slow motion!
How does RAY Achieve healthier light?

Gallery-level Colour Rendering

With up to 97+ CRI, RAY Lights render colour as closely to sunlight as possible whilst retaining the energy-saving benefits of LED. A high CRI makes colours pop just as they do on a bright sunny day.
Why choose RAY?

How we see = How we feel

Light has a profound impact on our well-being. Affecting our mood, energy levels, and sleep quality.
Why does LED light often feel synthetic?

Bring the SunRAYs inside

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Circadian Friendly
No Blue Spike
Fully Dimmable
Gallery Level CRI


    The RAY GLS B22 lightbulb is a traditional GLS shape lightbulb but with a gold-toned coating to reduce a small amount of glare and give a warmer glow to the luminaire.

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  • RAY C35 E14 Liquid Gold Glass


    The RAY C35 E14 candle bulb in Liquid Gold Glass finish is truly an exceptional, traditional looking LED filament style lightbulb. The gold finish sits perfect against ages brass, copper or other gold fixtures.

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    The RAY GLS B22 lightbulb is ideal for use in desk lamps, chandeliers and wall lamps where you would see the LED filament. The opaque white coating diffuses the outgoing light perfectly whereas a the clear one would not.

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  • RAY C35 E14 Crystal Clear Glass


    The RAY C35 E14 in the Crystal Clear finish is the best way to get maximum lighting for a modern and contemporary fixture. The transparent finish allows the most light to sink into the surroundings.

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a selection of the RAY Retrofit Lightbulbs - see all

CRI 93+

Gallery Grade Colour Rendering

Bring the closest thing to natural sunlight into your home with Ray. Boasting Colour Rendering Index levels up to 98, just 2 away from sunlight at 100, Ray doesn't upset your eyes, your sleep or your mood unlike traditional LED lights.

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Organic light for life

What does RAY do?

RAY has created a dual lighting range that is not only exceptionally beautiful, but also eliminates the health concerns surrounding both excess blue and flicker in LED.

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Experts in lighting design

Why choose RAY?

Using the very latest technology, top quality design and engineering talent, plus the minds of several experts in the field, RAY is launching the first range of its kind: SunRAY. Premium organic light creations, designed in Great Britain, with a mission to change the way we illuminate our worlds.

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Let the rays reach you

How does RAY achieve healthier light?

Light influences our environments in three key ways: visually, biologically and emotionally. RAY lighting solutions significantly improve all three aspects, making them the pinnacle of humancentric lighting achievements to date. SunRAY lightbulbs achieve healthier light primarily in three key ways.

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Scientifically natural

Why does LED light often feel synthetic?

You probably already know that too much blue light is not good for us. Spikes of blue light trigger a ‘good morning’ response in our brain, meaning we can never truly switch off. But very few of us realise that concentrated blue light is the baseline in every LED light we use. It’s not just phones and screens – LED has traditionally used blue light as its source, too.

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Mike Tindall MBE

RAY Lighting Ambassador

Mike Tindall MBE

“Our barn has been beautifully lit by RAY. The overall effect is high impact and striking- our guests often comment on the natural clarity! It has changed the whole atmosphere of the space- it’s only since having RAY Lighting that I really understand the health aspect of the individual bulbs. It’s a powerful combination!”

Ryan Isometrix lead designer

RAY Lighting Ambassador

Ryan, Isometrix lead designer

“Prior to having surgery and years of broken sleep I begun making changes to my spaces to aid my recovery, new pillows, sheets, mattress and LED lamps by RAY lighting. Over the last 6 months I have felt the difference in the evenings when going to sleep and relaxing, I am more rested and have the energy to participant in sport and other activities.”

Sue Atkins

RAY Lighting Ambassador

Sue Atkins, The parenting expert

“RAY Lighting ranges offer a healthy, reliable, affordable lighting solution for everyone, so I really do recommend you take a look and protect your whole family with these state of the art lighting solutions.”

dr Shelby Temple PhD

RAY Lighting Ambassador

Shelby Temple, BSc, MSc, PhD

“I like knowing that there’s no blue spike in my light- and I am sure of that, because I have measured this in my RAY Lighting LEDs myself! I think it’s really important that people understand the long term damaging effect of excess violet-blue light on their eyes, it’s an area that I have spent years researching and it is great to have an energy efficient home lighting solution that I can trust.”

Dino Jakobi Osram

RAY Lighting Ambassador

Dino Jakobi, Sales Manager OSRAM

“The lights that I’ve used in the past had flicker, the colour rendering wasn’t great and when you’re under them you can tell that they don’t bring out the best in you. I put in my RAY Lights, and it made such a difference. The whole room just came to life.”

Gary Brown Helvar Lighting

RAY Lighting Ambassador

Gary Brown, Helvar Lighting

“I have just added RAY Lighting in my home, and it is just amazing. As a professional in the lighting industry I can certainly say that the colour quality and depth is the best I’ve seen. The lamps are high quality and matched by a high level of service and knowledge from the team.”

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