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    What does RAY do?

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    How does RAY Achieve healthier light?

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    Why choose RAY?

    Organic light for life

    ‘What does RAY do?’

    RAY has created a dual lighting range that is not only exceptionally beautiful, but also eliminates the health concerns surrounding both excess blue and flicker in LED. Bringing together the very latest technology, experts in design and – crucially – the science of nature, RAY has created the world’s healthiest electric light source. It is a light source that compares to sunlight on many levels: it’s BlueBalance means your body clock is free to align with the sun’s organic rhythms; reduced flicker (as low as zero) means less stress/anxiety biological responses; and Full Spectrum detail means stunning colour and texture with a CRI of 97+ (sunlight is 100).

    The SunRAY ranges offer a reliable, affordable lighting solution for everything, from changing a lightbulb in your home to managing a full commercial installation, empowering you to take back control of your own environment.

    RAY products all come with a 3 year warranty.

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    How does RAY achieve healthier light?

    Let the rays reach you

    ‘How does RAY achieve healthier light?’

    Light influences our environments in three key ways: visually, biologically and emotionally. RAY lighting solutions significantly improve all three aspects, making them the pinnacle of humancentric lighting achievements to date. SunRAY lightbulbs achieve healthier light primarily in three key ways.

    1. For the SunRAY range, the internal chip or light source within the lightbulb harnesses new technologies that avoid the dangerous blue spikes that occur from standard LED lamps, bringing levels of blue in better balance with those naturally occurring in nature. This delivers instant benefits for our Circadian sleep/wake rhythms and associated sleep, moods and physical responses, since we are no longer overstimulating the brain.

    2. The phosphor overlay is not a simple white or yellow, but instead a uniquely blended Full Spectrum layer which enables us to align with the day’s natural light patterns. In the past, blue source LEDs have over-ridden our natural instincts with their intense high frequency light; manipulating our systems into reactions beyond our control. The unique combination of the adjusted source and the special formula overlay is now known as BlueBalance Technology. 

    3. A huge reduction in flicker. All bulbs flicker – LEDs generally flicker at 100%. It’s so fast that it’s virtually imperceptible to our eyes, but our brain processes it and generates stress hormones in response. RAY’s uniquely engineered lamps use Flicker Free Bridging Technology to achieve a flicker percentage rating as low as zero. 

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    Why choose RAY?

    Experts in lighting design

    ‘Why choose RAY?’

    Using the very latest technology, top quality design and engineering talent, plus the minds of several experts in the field, RAY is launching the first range of its kind: SunRAY. Premium organic light creations, designed in Great Britain, with a mission to change the way we illuminate our worlds.

    With 30 years of experience in the world of lighting, from installations and designs to creating their own fittings and units, RAY’s co-founders Jason Wilkin and Simon McCune have always believed in the powerful influence of light to set mood, highlight features and promote specific brain activity. But now, as the worlds of neuroscience and psychology begin to reveal new insights into how artificial light impacts humans, the critical nature of this element is coming to the fore. RAY is leading the new dawn.

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    Why does LED light often feel synthetic?

    Scientifically natural

    ‘Why does LED light often feel synthetic?’

    You probably already know that too much blue light is not good for us. Spikes of blue light trigger a ‘good morning’ response in our brain, meaning we can never truly switch off. But very few of us realise that concentrated blue light is the baseline in every LED light we use. It’s not just phones and screens – LED has traditionally used blue light as its source, too. Although LEDs are adjusted using an overlay that makes the light appear white or yellow, our brain still ‘sees’ (or perceives) the blue-light source beneath – measuring it not in visual colour, but in nanometers of wavelength. Since our brain connects this level of brightness with morning and being alert, we are placing ourselves in a constant state of over stimulation. Feeling blue is very real, and it’s more literal than most of us realise.

    It is only in recent years that we have realised the enormous effect that excessive blue light (over and above nature’s perfectly balanced levels, which we need) has on our health and wellbeing. Until now, there has been no healthier option and we are seeing the impact in multiple ways (perhaps most commonly in the form of insomnia). RAY offers you the first light bulbs and fittings, designed to help you align with the flow of natural sunlight and our bodies’ Circadian rhythms.

    RAY’s lighting ranges achieve natural, Full Spectrum lighting options for your home, without the blue peaks. Now we have a choice, there’s no need to sit in synthetic light any more. Bring the sunshine in!

    Find out more about the impact of excessive blue light exposure, and why not all blue is bad

    RAY Lighting Ambassador

    Mike Tindall MBE

    “Our barn has been beautifully lit by RAY. The overall effect is high impact and striking- our guests often comment on the natural clarity! It has changed the whole atmosphere of the space- it’s only since having RAY Lighting that I really understand the health aspect of the individual bulbs. It’s a powerful combination!”

    Mike Tindall MBE